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Somewhere, I still save an old picture of me, four years old, sitting on the counter of the my uncles’ Photography Shop. Under its cover glass there were thrown together  tons of photographs, showing landscapes and family scenes. I also remember the dark room, hidden by a black velvet curtain, and the big chaos of people going to and fro, because that place was more a meeting point for everyone than a simple shop.

Probably, everything started there.

In 2009, I realized that Photography was more than a fashinating hobby, I wanted something more concrete. Later on, I began to study and practice Photography seriously, focused on my fave themes: Food and Live Music, but also working for public and private events. I’m also keen on Still Life and Light Painting.Since then, I’ve been working as a Photo-reporter for some webzines focused on Music (100 Decibel, GoldSoundz, Sound36), Culture&ShowBiz (SulPalco), Food (The Lunch Girls) and two Press/photo Agencies, PrimaPress and Luz Photo.

The English band The Kabeedies chose two photographs of mine to realize the cover of their album “Soap” and its first single “Eye” and I also worked on the educational project Bravìssimo (volumes 1, 2, 3) together with Casa Editrice Difuciòn.

Official Photographer for the following events:

 • Carnevale Romano (2009)

 • Vernissage of the painter Marta Czok’s exhibition "I bambini nella guerra e nella Shoah",

   Palazzo Ferrajoli in Rome (2009)

 • Music Festival  “Parioli in Musica” at Teatro Parioli – Peppino De Filippo, Rome (2011/2012)

 • Exhibition “Millemiglia: scatti di passione” sponsored by Svarovski Optik and Ruote Classiche,

   Hotel Marriott, Via Veneto, Rome (2013)

 • Fashion show “Eroine Verdiane” during Alta Moda Roma,  Austrian Embassy (2013)

 • “Festa della Musica 2013 ” in Farnese Square, in cooperation with the French Embassy (2013)

 • Taste of Roma 2013

 • “Cena all’Italia” at Eataly Roma, with the Italian Rugby team (march 2014)



 • Collective  exhib.  "Viva gli Anziani", organized by Comunità di Sant'Egidio at Palazzo Altieri in

   Rome (2010)

 • Personal exhib.  "Poesia in forma di rosa" at  Banchi 141, Rome (2010)

 • Collective exhib.  “Turisti per Casa” at Galleria d’Arte Saman, Rome (2012)

 • Collective exhib.  “Keep On 100% Live Festival” Florence (2013)

 • Collective exhib.  “I doveri delle donne”organized by Female Cut and Officine Fotografiche at

   Lanificio 159, Rome (november 2013)

 • Personal exhib.  “Food in Progress” at Eataly Roma Store, Rome. (december 2013 – january 2014)

 • Personal exhib. Showing two photographs: “Stolpersteine: fermati per non dimenticare” and

   “La compagna dell’ultimo viaggio” during the charity dinner Il treno della Memoria, organized by

   Eataly Roma Store and Associazione Terra del Fuoco, Rome  (january 2014)

 • Collective exhib. "Vedere l'Altro, vedere la Shoah 2014" at Marin Barleti University in  Tirana,

   Albany (february, 9-11,  2014), curated by Professor Paolo Coen

 • Collective “To Be or Not To Be” Mini Festival Artistico Multidisciplinare at Ruins Pub, Rome (june 2014)


First prize at Fotographic Festival “Vedere l’Altro, Vedere la Shoah”, cured by Calabria’s Univeristy.  Here the link to see the photo and some other info about the event.

Second prize at Keep On 100% Live Festival 2013.

A photo selected during the competition and later shown during the exhibition  “I doveri delle donne”arranged by Female Cut and Officine Fotografiche.

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